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Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

Harmon Scrap Metal services a wide array of industrial and commercial accounts in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama. We offer a variety of services that are designed to best suit your needs and increase your scrap revenue.

Expert Scrap Metal Recycling Consultation

Our employees are industry experts who understand the scrap recycling process. As part of our scrap management program, we will send a representative to your company to evaluate and implement a plan and process for your individual needs. The benefits to your company will be visible immediately by seeing a clean and organized appearance in your workplace, and greater profitability to your bottom line, with minimal effort from you.  

On Site Scrap Metal Processing

Harmon Scrap Metal has a team of employees as well as appropriate equipment to come to you and dismantle and prepare your metal. By doing this, we eliminate some of the transportation costs, thus saving time and boosting your revenue.

Fleet and Containers Services

As part of our metal management program, we can help you determine what size container would best suit your needs. From 10-60 yard roll off containers, gondola, flat bed, van and dump trailers, as small as individual boxes and hoppers we are sure to have a container for you. By servicing our containers with our own fleet and drivers, we reduce turn around times and have the flexibility to handle your pick ups in a timely manner as well as reduce costs by eliminating a middle man.  

Scrap Metal Prices and Info