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About Harmon Scrap Metal

Established in 1985, Harmon Scrap Metal has been a locally family owned and operated business for over 30 years.

Harmon Scrap Metal prides ourselves on providing excellent service and competitive pricing. We have built a reputation that is appreciated by our customers and envied by our competitors.

Service & Technology

Harmon Scrap Metal offers complete recycling service for commercial and industrial accounts as well as to the general public. Our fleet service allows us to meet all of your specific metal recycling needs. We offer a wide variety of trailers and roll off containers ranging from 10 yards to 40 yards, dump trailers, open top containers, custom made bins, as well as flat bed service.

With a fully computerized system which utilizes the most up to date scrap buying software, it insures we can provide excellent service for our customers. We have full size truck scales as well as platform scales at each of our locations. In addition to highly trained industry professionals, we use Spectro Analysis Equipment to ensure you are being paid top dollar for your metals. Each of these things ensure that your metal recycling experience is fast, easy, and profitable.

Competitive Pricing

Harmon Scrap Metal has been able to cut out the middle man which allows us to provide better service and pay to our customers. We distribute our metal to the steel mills, and for direct import. This means that because we get paid top dollar for the material we sell, we can offer the best pricing to our customers and suppliers. We are proud members of The Institute of Scrap Recycling and American Metal Market. By staying involved with these and other scrap industry affiliates, we are able to have a better understanding of market conditions and can offer you the best advice regarding your metal.

The Future Is Ours

Due to the short supply and high demand on our natural resources recycling all products, especially metal, is imperative to the future of our nation and world. At Harmon Scrap Metal, we believe the sky is our limit. We intend on further extending our metal buying network by adding more locations in middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama. With those expansions, we are in the early planning stages of adding larger equipment to better serve and grow our customer base.

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